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In mold litigation you’ll need a professional environmental and health consulting firm which is familiar in the design and implementation of contamination prevention, testing, remediation, and restoration systems.

A good environmental firm will also be able to provide litigation support, expert witness testimony; as well as expert negotiations with insurance companies, providing subjugation and recoverable damages against multiple negligent entities for commercial and residential structures.


Due to the specialty nature of the mold industry, it is not enough to have consultants with expertise. They must have proven client-oriented solution experience with the ability to access a strong team of seasoned scientists/engineers and senior project managers.

A good environmental litigation support section should provide scientific education, expert witness services, document review, and scientific critiques, technical planning and strategy, as well as trial graphics and exhibits.

We offer litigation support and expert witness testimony in the following areas:

  • Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • Mold Sciences
  • Liability Assessment
  • Analytical and Forensic Chemistry
  • Remediation
  • Testing Results and Review
  • Protocol Reviews
  • Forensic Failure Analysis
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Data Validation
  • Loss Causation and Forensic Loss Causation

Our experts have worked on over 1,100 cases in the past seven years in Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Mississippi.  Cases have included wrongful death, toxic tort, property damage, personal injury, construction / manufacture’s defects at the state and federal levels.

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