Mold Cases are Won or Lost on 
the Strength of Your Experts

Mold Expert Witness List of Resources

What We as Mold Experts Can do for You!

Our experts have worked on over 1,100 cases in the past seven years in Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Mississippi.  Cases have included wrongful death, toxic tort, property damage, personal injury, construction / manufacture’s defects at the State and Federal levels.

Relax and let the Experts Drive!


Our services provide a "One Stop", complete, line of proven Mold Experts qualified to take your mold litigation the distance. They include:


·         Medical Mold Experts

·         Environmental Mold Experts

·         Legal Mold Counsel

·         Structural Engineers


As well as all other professions trades and services required to support your mold litigation.


We provide:


·         All  Certified Microbiology Reports

·         All Letters Of Opinion

·         All Environmental Inspections

·         A Complete “Loss Package”

·         A Complete Photographic Catalogue

·         All Estimates for Pack -Out /Contents Remediation and Replacement

·         All Estimates for Complete Mold Remediation of the Structure

·         All Estimates for Complete Reconstruction after Remediation

·         Insurance Negotiations to Settlement

 We are the Only “One Stop” Source for all of your Mold Litigation Needs


For Further Information Call:

  The Mold Experts :    (855) 611 - MOLD   (855) 611 - 6653

Valuable Resources for Mold Litigation

BioSign Laboratories

This lab test for mycotoxins and secondary metabolites (poisonsproduced by mold in the human body


National Lab that tests for mold in the human body in all 50 states, no doctors appointment needed

Mold Illness

General information and help for mold problems

Environmental Resource Agency 

A referral service for multiple needs regarding mold problems

National Mold Resource Center

An open resource with help and advice for mold problems

The Environmental  Health Assessment Program

"EHAP"  Mold Litigation Support for Mold Lawsuits and all
Mold Expert Witness Services

Mold Vicitim.Org

Support for Mold Exposure Vicitims

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