Mold Cases are Won or Lost on 
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Mold Lawyers

How to Select your Mold Attorney

The mold lawyer you select should not only be able to give you referrals for other persons that they have settled mold cases for, but be able to give you people that they have settled both Property claims for as well as Medical settlements.

The Reason

Many attorneys’ can handle quick property claim damages, make their forty percent (40%) fee and be down the road, leaving you and your family sick from mold and no payments for your medical needs. The reason for this is that medical damages for mold are time consuming and require much more work and research time than many lawyer’s are willing to invest in your case. When a lawyer is doing “Contingency Work”, the faster then can settle the case is to their benefit and not yours. So when your lawyers says that they’ll take your case on  “Contingency”, always ask are they prepared to go the distance for your medicals and take it to trail if need be.

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